Anywhere I'm working will buy one!

A good product to put over my desk! Anywhere i'm working i will be sure to buy one!

Thanks for this.


Miquel Kensington

Thanks for an excellent product!!

My company purchased the Microdesk for me because I was getting neck pain from looking down at papers infront of my keyboard. Since getting the Microdesk my neck pain has gone away so just wanted to say thanks so much for an excellent product!!

Kate Marijetich
Inventory Controller

I don't know what I ever did without one!

I just got a new microdesk and it's been so very helpful that I don't know what I ever did without one! It stores my keyboard under it and gives me much needed room on my desk to spread my work out : )
Tiffany Courville
Finance and Human Resources Officer

So effective & comfortable to use

Great product, simple design yet so effective & comfortable to use.

Saleem Cajee
Public Servant

Reduce back pain

These are very easy to assemble and reduce back pain in the office from having to turn away from my computer to read.
Kendal McCarthy

No more sore neck

I love my new writing platform. I struggle with having reports open to the side and having to crane my neck. Now I have them directly in front. No more sore neck. Super easy to put together as well.
Bev Hopper
Nurse Educator

Much more relaxed position

Fantastic product, made in New Zealand too. Much more relaxed position writing and reading documents while typing. Cheers.
Jim West
Programme Manager

Holds my paperwork securely

The Microdesk is a great product, holds my paperwork securely and I can type easily without straining my neck/shoulders. Brilliant product.

Anna Horridge
Office Administrator

An excellent tool

Is an excellent tool, every single computer desk should have one!

Maria Piedrahita
Office Manager

I don't have to lean over so much

Has cleared up my work space and helped with my back problems because I don't have to lean over so much. Thanks
Daniel Alexander Gray

It's usabiliy is on par with Googling something

I very much like the look and feel of the Microdesk. It's not just asthetic, it is functional. It's usabiliy is on par with Googling something. Easy to use with great results. The paper stays where it is meant to as I need it, creating that all around "Dashboard" feeling required by many in the modern age to facilitate their day-to-day business needs. Thank you
Jeffrey Morahan
Operations Officer

Less strain on the neck and shoulders

As an administrator doing lots of typing and data entry; having the microdesk makes it so much easier and a lot less strain on the neck and shoulders from having to twist sideways. Great for if you deal with a lot of paperwork!
Kate Clapperton Rees
Office and Administration Manager

Finish the paper war! Great product!

I have introduced the Microdesk to many of my colleagues in the past 2 years. Working in the resources industy, drawings come on A3 paper and are so much easier to manage/ review on the Microdesk... I have even put photos of meaning on the underside as an incentive to get to the bottom of the pile - finish the paper war! Great product!
Alison Jarvis
HSE Manager

Maximises use of space

I recenly recieved a Microdesk and think they are a great tool for a workstation - maximises use of space and helps with reducing stress of repetitive tasks :)
Rozmarin Simich

My pain has improved

My job entails reading medical records the whole day. I was experiencing such bad neck pain from bending my neck to read. I had to undergo physio a number of times a week to help with the pain plus numerous pain killers. I made a report to my OH&S officer who recommended me the Microdesk. Since using it, my pain has improved to such an extent that I barely take any medication and have not had to go for physio. Thank you for such a great product.
Jessica Piadasa
Clinical Coder

Microdesk has really helped get my posture right

The Microdesk is great! just recovered from a back opperation and the Microdesk has really helped get my posture right and reduce strain on my lower back. Thanks.
David Griffiths
Project Manager

The Microdes is invaluable

I believe in this product.  For people whose eyes do not focus at variable distances anymore, (and that’s anyone over forty) and for people with bad backs OR BOTH, the Microdesk is invaluable.  For these kinds of people, the Microdesk greatly reduces data entry time and minimizes pain producing postures. 
The rubberized straight edge ruler prevents you from losing your place on the source document and is therefore a big part of this product.  I’m a CPA tax return preparer and was very pleased this last tax season to have the Microdesk to help me with all substantial data entry projects.  I look forward to using it in the future.
Jacob Dowle
CPA Tax Return Preparer
United States of America

No more neck or shoulder pain

I just LOVE my Microdesk. I take this piece of equipment with me to all my jobs - it's light and easy to store when not in use. No more neck or shoulder pain. All documents easy to read without turning my head. I also have one for use at home on our PC. Especially great for using spreadsheets. Thank you.
Mary-Ann Holt

Never regretted this purchase!

Thanks to your representative who actually came to check on my correct posture and chair and after seeing how I was straining my neck towards my other document holder suggested the Microdesk. It is fabulous. I have alerted many others in my offices to use it and never regretted this purchase!
Loretta Schar
South Australian Courts

Simple and easy to assemble

The Microdesk was was simple and easy to assemble. It was recommended by my therapist who was treating my shoulder and back injury which I got from working long hours at a desk. With a Microdesk, I no longer have to turn my neck sideways when typing information from a file thus preventing further injuries.
Chantal Lo-Ngok
Public Servant