About Us

The Good Use Company was founded in 1996 by Physiotherapist Sarah Mahoney. Sarah is an Auckland based physiotherapist with over 30 years experience dealing with musculoskeletal disorders resulting from poor workplace Sarahpostures and practices. Sarah founded The Good Use Company with the aim of educating workers and preventing many of the MSD’s she was repeatedly treating. During this time Sarah also started to develop her own unique products aimed at the prevention of such injuries. One product, the Microdesk, has now sold over 100,000 units and is recommended in 12 countries throughout the world.

Sarah believes passionately that people need to think about HOW they do their job and not just WHAT they are doing, and her blend of Occupational Health Physiotherapy has helped thousands of office workers worldwide become pain free at their desk.

The Good Use Company Australia was established in 2006 to expand Sarah's products into the Australian market. As interest in the Microdesk continued to spread an opportunity was recognised to add additional workplace accessories to the Good Use range and now we are proud to provide a wide range of ergonomic office accessories through our wide reaching network of Australian distributors. To find your nearest Good Use product distributor please visit our 'Ordering' page.