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 The Microdesk™ is a document holder and writing platform designed to improve posture and make keyboard work more comfortable and productive. The Microdesk™ will revolutionise your workstation and enhance your computing experience.

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Monitor Arms: Integ

Ar ray single arm 83

Monitor arms allow you to easily adjust your monitor to the correct focal length and position. Integ monitor arms are a marriage of top quality materials and intuitive design. Reliable and highly adaptive, the Integ range offers a solution for all workstations.

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Headsets: iServ

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The iServ WH140 is an affordable wireless headset with outstanding call quality,
excellent power consumption and a highly ergonomic design. Lightweight, stylish and comfortable, this headset offers excellent value for any business.  

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Cable Management: Secure Cord

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Secure Cord represents the worlds most simple and effective cable management system for carpets. Whether your clients are looking to reduce a trip hazard, tidy up rogue cables or a combination of both, our cost effective product can be cut to size and reused multiple times to satisfy all your office cabling needs.

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Footrests: Fluteline

   Fluteline Footrest LargeC

Made in New Zealand from solid steel with a carpet platform and 4 adjustable metal legs, all Fluteline footrests are proven, durable performers. A reliable screw system allows for a vast combination of height and slope options to suite all body types. The Fluteline footrest is an important accessory for any ergonomic office chair.

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