OT's recommend this product for all staff

OT's recommend this product for all staff when they complete worksite assessments at ACC as it is great for prevention of injuries - great Health & Safety.
I find its use invaluable in my daily work.  It allows me to place the document that I am working on in front of me and saves me from having to turn my neck from my desk to my computer screen. I only need to move my eyes.  It is extremely sturdy therefore allowing me to write required information on the document I am working on.  I like the fact that you can adjust the height and angle also.
Judith Delaney
New Zealand

Ergonomic accessories that one should not be without

The Microdesk™ and Step Microdesk™ have proved to be ergonomic accessories that one should not be without when computer work tasks require significant amounts of time referencing hard copy documents. Not only does it serve as a heavy duty document holder for papers, books, binders (amoung others); it also serves as a sturdy, adjustable platform for writing activities.
It enhances correct,  in-line work postures and has been one of this consultant's and his associates best weapons against the, "War On MSD's"!
Art Plumstead, PT, CIE
ErgoFed Associates'
United States of America

In use for over 450 employees

Our Company, an office-based financial services organisation, has been using the Good Use Company’s Microdesk™ since 2001. Over the last four years we have purchased over four hundred and fifty Microdesks to help employees improve their comfort while using their computer workstation.
I have found the Microdesk™ to be particularly useful for people that use the computer while referring to large files, folders and documents. 
People using the Microdesk™ have reduced discomfort as they are able to maintain neutral spinal postures while they work. They:
  • do not twist and bend to reach paperwork on the desk to the side of their computer
  • do not bend over documents and files kept flat on the desk top
  • do not stretch to reach a keyboard that has been positioned behind a pile of paperwork
The Microdesk™ is easy to use as:
  • it can be positioned behind or over the top of the keyboard
  • it allows a person to easily write on files or documents as its gentle slope does not force the wrist into awkward positions
Touch typists have the ability to keep the Microdesk™ over the top of their keyboard and increase the amount of usable room on their desktops.
People who are not touch typists are able to keep the Microdesk™ behind the keyboard when typing and easily slide the Microdesk™ closer to them (over the top of the keyboard) if they are spending time reading information from it or writing on it.
I highly recommend the use of the Good Use Company’s Microdesk™ by any person using a computer workstation who wants to improve their comfort and reduce their risk of pain and injury. 

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Cathy Wilson-Fry
Dip Physiotherapy, Post Grad Dip Manip., Master of Health Science
New Zealand

Easing the strain

For the last couple of years I have been using your Microdesk™ at work and have been very pleased with it .
You made it very easy to adjust. I adjusted the height and slope to fit my desk when I received the Microdesk™ and have not had to change it since.
The Microdesk™ is wide enough to hold the papers or books I want to refer to (or sometimes copy from) while writing at my computer. The lip prevents them from falling off. The height of the Microdesk™ is suitable for glancing back and forth from book or paper to screen.
Because the work I am referring  to is therefore directly related to my line of vision, I no longer get a sore neck from continually looking to one side and back again.
I also often write onto a paper resting on the Microdesk™, when jotting something down or making notes from the screen. Again, I find this eases the strain on my shoulders, arms and neck which I used to experience from making notes while leaning awkwardly to one side of the keyboard.
Thank you for designing such a useful product.

Ailsa Cornell
Communications officer

Loving the simplicity

Love the simplicity and clean lines. Doddle to assemble which is always good.

Tom Donaldson
Project Manager